Are you always prepared to deal with any makeup emergency that comes your way? Is your makeup kit a comprehensive affair or just a couple of eyeliners and a lipstick? Check out the essentials we think all women should carry around with them that constitute their “basic makeup kit”.

  • Face Primer/Cosmetic Primer – Primers go one step further than basic moisturizers and in addition they help your makeup stay on longer.
  • Foundation –use liquid foundation to give off a beautiful complexion, that will also cover flaws while improving your natural skin tone. Apply after your primer. A simple trick to achieve flawless skin is to mix a bit of foundation with your primer first before applying it to your skin.
  • Bronzer/Illuminator – the best form comes in powder, both are similar, both help to give a healthy glow and can help with contouring and giving you that beautiful appearance of a natural suntan.
  • Makeup Brush –Don’t forget that makeup brush at home! Used to apply your bronzer/illuminator. Try to get a small brush that you can carry around with you wherever you go and most importantly fits in your pocketbook.
  • Eyeliner – this is your basic “eye makeup” used to offer definition to your eyes and is applied to your eye’s contours for various effects.
  • Eyeshadow –eye makeup applied directly onto your eyelids. It is used to make your eyes stand out more and improve their attractiveness. It can be used to make them appear larger, more attention grabbing, complement your eye color while adding dimension and depth.
  • Mascara – this is an essential eye makeup used to enhance and improve how your eyelashes look, by adding more definition to them, lengthening them out, thickening them or even darkening them.
  • Lipstick – without lipstick you can’t look dressed to go. Lipstick helps to add texture, color and not to mention protects your lips. Lipstick is your makeup that finishes and completes your overall look. Try to match it with your nail polish and the shade you use must always match and blend in with the colors of your clothes. Therefore, always try to carry two different shades of lipstick with you.