The breakfast is the most important daily meal, so it should be a healthy one, that will energize your body and prepare it for the following day.

Apparently, oatmeal is one of the best choices you can make, as they are high in water-soluble fiber and high complex carbohydrate content that regulates blood glucose levels and slow digestion, as well as numerous vitamins and minerals, like magnesium, biotin, copper, vitamin E and B1, and even 6 grams of protein per cup.

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Oatmeal is made from hulled oat grains, which can be ground, rolled, or steel cut. The popularity of oatmeal increased in the late 1980’s when researchers found out that it reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels.

This diverse grain can be cooked in various ways like added to crisps and desserts, smoothies, and in protein and breakfast bars.

The regular consumption of oats leads to weight loss, due to the high fiber content, which also provides a feeling of satiety. Oats will prevent sugar cravings and blood sugar spikes too.

These are the most important health benefits offered by oats:

Lower Cholesterol

Lower cholesterol

Most of us know that fiber is good for our stomachs, but it turns out that some fibers have more benefits than others. One of these fibers is β-glucan, which helps to lower the body’s cholesterol levels.

Oats are filled with β-glucan, a gel-forming fiber that sits just below the shell of the oat.

Prevents colorectal cancer

Prevents colorectal cancer

Britain and Netherland researchers published evidence in BMJ that covered almost 2 million people and evaluated whether or not a high fibre diet is linked to a lower risk of colorectal cancer. They found that an extra 10 grams of fibre per day can reduce someone’s risk of developing colorectal cancer by 10%.

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Weight loss

Weight loss

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition has published a study in which half of the participants ate oatmeal for breakfast, whereas the other half ate different kinds of breakfast cereal.

Every person ate a serving containing 363 calories each – but those who ate oatmeal stayed full for longer and therefore found it easier to lose weight.

Gives you more energy

Gives you more energy

Oats are rich in carbohydrate and provide the body with valuable energy. Roughly ground oatmeal is best if you want to really feel full. They cause the enzymes of your teeth and gastrointestinal tract to work a little harder to dissolve the grain.

In addition to carbohydrates, oats contain both Vitamin B and Vitamin E, which help the body to keep diseases away.

Prevents heart- and lung disease

Prevents heart- and lung disease

Oatmeal is rich in healthy fat that benefits both blood cells and the circulatory system

Studies at Harvard University show that people who eat oatmeal run a lower risk of heart-and lung disease.

Women who eat 2-3 servings of whole meal a day have 30 percent less risk of dying of a heart attack or heart disease, than those who eat one portion or less.

Contains lots of protein

Contains lots of protein

Oatmeal outweighs all other cereals by a long shot in terms of the balance between protein, fatty acids and amino acids.

One serving (about 8 tablespoons) of oatmeal gives you 15 percent of your recommended daily intake of protein. Perfect if you’re trying to eat a little less meat.

Good for digestion

Good for digestion

According to reviews that were published in a supplement issue of the British Journal of Nutrition, oats can play a vital role in improving satiety, digestive and diet quality. When you feel fuller, you give your body time to digest the food quicker. So, many times people often overeat because they don’t have that fullness feeling.

Good for your skin

Good for your skin

Oats are already present in most skin care products and can help with inflammatory skin conditions.

Researchers say that it is also good for skin conditions such as eczema and skin irritation.

Contains lots of antioxidants

Contains lots of antioxidants

Oats contain a lot of antioxidants. One of these is avenanthramides, which are only found in oats and have several good properties.

It can help with both itching and inflammation and help lower your blood pressure.

To add flavor to your oats, you can add fresh fruits, nuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, cream, low-fat yogurt, or refined sugar.

We suggest you the following delicious recipe for your breakfast tomorrow:

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal- recipe


1/2 cup old fashioned oatmeal

1 teaspoon maple syrup

1/2 teaspoon dark brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


Boil a cup of water in a small saucepan. Then, add the cinnamon and oatmeal, and lower the heat. Stir occasionally until the water is fully absorbed.

In the end, add the maple syrup, and sprinkle with brown sugar.

A serving will provide 3g fat, 5g protein, 4g fiber, and only 176 calories.