When you find an older person watching television and getting cranky with the caregiver, it means they are bored and lonely. The elderly need to stay social and active to avoid boredom and other health problems. For this reason, we are compiling a list of 20 hobbies for seniors.

  1. Fitness activities
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You don't need to engage in sports to meet new people and feel great. Fitness activities, such as going to the gym, walking, and cycling, are a great hobby idea.

  1. Sports

Seniors must take part in sports activities such as walking football, squash, tennis, and many more.


Gaming is one of the best leisure activities that seniors can do. Many people of 55 years and above are playing video games at a high rate than before.


Gardening is so beneficial to seniors. The quest to make your garden look. Great can.make.this to be such an addictive hobby.

5. Social Media

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Social Media is viral among young people. If you are the type that wants to impress grandchildren, then joining social media should be an excellent hobby for you.

6. Jig-saw puzzles

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Puzzles are a great hobby idea for seniors. It is exciting and brain-challenging.

7. Cooking

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Preparing your favorite meals can feel like an achievement, and comes with a happy feeling whenever you and your family enjoy the meal.

8. Reading

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There are interesting books you can enjoy reading to pass the time and keep your mind engaged.

9. Learn to play instruments

We all have contemplated playing instruments at some point in our lives. You want a violin, guitar, or piano, Choose from the endless options.

10. Watching birds

Being out there watching different bird species is excellent for your mental well being.

11. Pets

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Keeping pets can be fun for older adults. Pets are friendly, and you can keep your energy focused on them.

12.Visiting new places

It’s one of the most appealing hobby ideas cause when you travel around the country you meet new people and make new friends.

13. Join community groups

Older people experience loneliness, especially when friends and members of the family move to live somewhere else. Joining community groups can help you to meet new people in life who have the same interests.

14.Model building

Model building can be such an addictive hobby that you can enjoy with your grandchildren.

15. Adult learning

Seniors need to enroll in an Adult learning course to enjoy several social benefits.

16. Painting

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Painting is one of the thrilling ways of being creative for seniors.

17. Participate in charitable  activities

Giving back to society is an excellent way for seniors to stay engaged and focused. This helps them to feel a sense of accomplishment.

18. Spending time with friends

Seniors can spend time chatting and laughing with their friends.

19.Spend time outdoors

On a dull afternoon, you can choose to go to your backyard and some time there as you try to reminisce about some beautiful memories.

20. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best life-long exercises that help increase your flexibility and fitness levels. You would always want to go swimming regularly because of its fun and beneficial to your health.