If you like travel a lot, especially on long trips, there are ways you can make sure you stay safe, make every dollar go a whole lot further and the whole travel experience more enjoyable. In this post we look at 10 essential tricks & tips recommended and followed by the most effective travelers.

  1. Travel light and avoid checking in luggage, whenever possible – There is no rule that says you need to take half your wardrobe with you. Simplify what you take on your holiday vacation and benefit from skipping the expense and waiting time at the airport checking luggage in and out.
  2. Place a FRAGILE Sticker on your luggage – Regardless of whether it’s going in the cargo section of the plane or on with you, placing a FRAGILE sticker will remind you and anyone else handling your bags to be careful.
  3. Act like you know the city you’re visiting – Unscrupulous locals will often target, rip off and take advantage of those who look like tourists. Avoid this threat by acting like you know the place. Put on a confident front!
  4. Email copies of all your travel documentation and important information. In case it gets stolen or lost you’ll have a backup.
  5. Activate roaming and/or find out about the local mobile charges – find out how much it will cost to call and text friends and family back home. Reduce the cost where possible.
  6. Avoid carrying too much cash around
  7. Keep your electronic components and gadgets in the same part of luggage/bag
  8. Take some music to listen to and a sleep mask for long journeys
  9. Download a copy of the local area map - make sure you have one on your phone and consider a paper copy too.
  10. Learn some basics of the locally used language and take a phrasebook/travel dictionary along too.